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7 Essential Shopify Email Automation Strategies 

Did you know? The reason behind most of the successful Shopify stores is the perfect email strategies they carry out. It’s not easy to make a fortune out of an online store. You need to put in some effort and implement the right plans at the right times to win the game with Shopify email automation. 

Email marketing is an essential aspect of running a Shopify store. But you don’t have to do it manually all the time as Shopify email automation can help. Moreover, it saves time, improves engagement, and increases sales. 

Do you want to learn Shopify email automation and take your store to new heights? Follow the seven essential Shopify email automation strategies discussed in this write-up.  

  1. Welcome Flow for New Customers

    Welcome Flow is a great way to establish a positive relationship with new customers. Studies show that welcome messages have a conversion rate that is 9.4 times higher than email newsletters. 

    There are numerous ways to create successful Shopify email automation to welcome clients. It can include a personalized message thanking them for subscribing, an introduction to your brand, a discount code or offer, and helpful resources to get them started. It’s important for Shopify email automation. 

     A welcome email series can be even more effective by providing a sequence of messages that introduce your brand and its values, and highlight your products or services. By creating a welcoming and engaging experience, you can set the tone for a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

  2. Cart Recovery Flow

    Abandoned carts are a significant challenge for online businesses, with a staggering 81% of carts being abandoned by shoppers. However, abandoned checkout emails can be a powerful tool for recovering those lost sales. 

    The Shopify email automation remind shoppers of the products they left behind and encourage them to complete their purchases. You can personalize these emails with the customer’s name, and details of their abandoned items, and even offer discounts or incentives to entice them back. 

    By persuading shoppers with Shopify email automation to complete their purchases, you can recover lost sales and improve your conversion rates. If you want to boost your revenue, implementing abandoned checkout emails is a must-have automation for your online business. 

  3. Thank Customers for Their Business

    After a customer makes a purchase, it’s important not to move on to the next sale too quickly. Sending an additional email after the purchase can show your appreciation and provide helpful information or tips. 

    This post-purchase email can include a thank-you message, details about the product or service they purchased, and suggestions for related products or services. By showing your customers some extra love and providing helpful information, you can increase the likelihood of a return visit and foster brand loyalty. 

    This simple yet effective post-purchase email can help you build stronger relationships with your customers and increase their lifetime value to your business.

  4. Capture Reviews Flow

    In today’s digital age, online reviews are highly influential, with people trusting them as much as recommendations from friends and family. As a Shopify merchant, obtaining customer testimonials and reviews is essential to your business’s success.

     A review request automation is the best way to acquire feedback from your customers. The Shopify email automation will send these emails to customers after a purchase, asking them to share their experiences and thoughts on your products or services. 

    By making the review process easy and convenient, you can encourage more customers to leave feedback and build a strong online reputation for your business. With the power of social proof, positive reviews can attract new customers and increase your sales.

  5. Lapsed Purchaser Email

    A lapsed purchaser email can be an effective way to bring back customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while. This message can be triggered to send 60 or 90 days after the last purchase and asks the customer, “Hey, where’ve you been?” 

    The Shopify email automation can include a personalized message reminding the customer of your products or services and a special offer, such as a discount or another incentive, to encourage them to come back. By reaching out to lapsed customers, you can reignite their interest in your business and improve your chances of making another sale. 

    A well-crafted lapsed purchaser email can help you win back lost customers and boost your revenue.

  6. Promote Your Pride

    Success begets success, so it’s wise to hold onto your top-selling products – especially when you need a boost. Utilize Shopify email automation to remind your subscribers of your bestsellers and why they’re so loved. 

    This can be especially helpful for new customers who are discovering your brand and may not know where to start. If your shop offers a diverse range of products, curate a selection of top picks within a specific genre. 

    Alternatively, if your shop is primarily known for one standout product, highlight its unique qualities and reintroduce it to your audience. By leveraging your top performers, you can increase customer engagement and ultimately drive sales.

  7. Change is Constant – Adapt Seasons

    Another great way to boost your marketing strategy is to leverage the changing seasons by creating relevant promotions. With a bit of creativity, this approach can be utilized year-round. 

    By connecting your content to the weather and incorporating eye-catching graphics or lifestyle imagery that captures the mood of the season, you can engage your audience and generate interest in your brand. 

    This weather-related email tactic can be applied to any product or service, not just apparel. It is a versatile approach that can help you drive sales by making your brand timely and relevant to your audience.

    By incorporating these seven strategies into your Shopify email automation, you can save time, increase engagement, and ultimately drive more sales. 

    It’s important to remember that successful email automation requires careful planning, testing, and a personal touch to make your customers feel valued and keep them coming back. 

    Sometimes, you need top-notch software to handle email automation as the manual practice can get hectic. Ominsend is the first name that pops into marketing heads when talking about email automation. But how can Omnisend help? Let’s learn. 

How Omisend Email Automation Can Help?

The powerful automation capabilities Omnisend holds great potential. With automation, you can set up targeted, personalized campaigns that are triggered based on specific actions taken by your subscribers. 

This means you can send the right message to the right person at the right time, without any extra effort on your part.

Whether you’re looking to send a welcome series to new subscribers, a cart abandonment email to those who left items in their cart, or a post-purchase follow-up to those who recently made a purchase, Omnisend has you covered. 

With a wide range of automation workflows to choose from, you can easily create customized campaigns that reflect your brand and resonate with your audience.

But that’s not all. Omnisend also offers a powerful segmentation tool that allows you to divide your audience into targeted groups based on a variety of factors, such as purchase history, browsing behavior, and more. 

This means you can send hyper-targeted campaigns that are tailored to the unique interests and needs of each segment of your audience.

It also holds the ability to integrate a wide range of e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento, Omnisend; which makes it easy to connect your email marketing efforts with your online store. 

This allows you to track and analyze your results, and use that data to optimize your campaigns for even better results.

But perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using Omnisend email automation is its user-friendly interface. With a drag-and-drop editor, intuitive automation workflows, and easy-to-use segmentation tools, Omnisend email automation makes it easy to create professional-looking campaigns that reflect your brand and resonate with your audience.

The range of pre-built templates helps you in getting started quickly and easily. It does not require any coding or design skills.

Of course, every business is unique in nature – which is why Omnisend also offers advanced customization options for those who want to take their campaigns to the next level. 

You can add custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to your campaigns. It helps in creating truly unique, on-brand emails that stand out from the competition.

It is very easy to track results and optimize campaigns with Omnisend. The range of powerful reporting and analytics tools helps the case and eventually results in better performance. 

Whether you’re looking to improve your open rates, click-through rates, or overall revenue, Omnisend provides the data and insights you need to make informed decisions and drive results.

Shopify Email Automation – Team Rhino Marketing Consultants at Service

Do you still find it challenging to build a stronger relationship with your subscribers and differentiate your Shopify store from the competition via email automation? Let us help you as our company is an official partner of Omnisend email automation and Shopify. 

That’s not it – Team Rhino Marketing Consultants keeps an impressive record of generating instrumental leads with email automation that helped brands reach new heights. We know how to dodge the competitors and keep up with trends. 

Let us walk you through how we get the job done and stand out.   

  • Gift Guides 

We all need a little guidance sometimes, whether it’s finding the perfect outfit for an event or shopping for a birthday present. That’s where our team walks in with gift guides and style guides. 

By doing the thinking for your subscribers and giving them inspiration and context, you can help drive purchases in a way that adds value and doesn’t feel pushy.

  • Providing Solution 

Building your brand is not about just selling products. It’s about positioning yourself as a solution provider and sharing your expertise to establish trust. 

Whether you sell culinary products or workout gear, sharing recipes or exercises using your tools or ingredients can help demonstrate your expertise and build stronger connections with your subscribers.

We make sure to connect by providing the solutions not by pitching only. 

  • Personal Touch 

We never forget to add a personal touch. A note from the founder of the Shopify store can emphasize that humans are behind your brand and differentiate you from the big-box stores. 

By keeping our text brief and personal, we forge better connections with your subscribers and build stronger relationships over time.

Partner with Team Rhino Marketing Consultants

That was a glimpse of how we capitalize upon Shopify email automation and integrate content that hooks the readers. Our team of professionals understands the psyche of customers and works out plans that never miss the target. 

So, what is making you stop? Think about growing big and standing tall in the industry. Utilize these seven email automation strategies to turn your Shopify store into a fortune. In case you are so caught up with the workload, let us do the email automation for you.



Feb 18, 2023

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