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SEO Activity For A Leading Business Coach in Dubai

Client Intro

Dr. Corrie Block is a renowned Business coach based in Dubai, UAE. Corrie Block is a globally recognized business strategist, author, speaker, and Professor of Strategic Management at Monarch Business School, with over 25 years’ experience working on more than 150 companies.

The Challenges

The content on Dr. Corrie Block’s famous Business Coach in dubai’s website was not optimized for SEO – leading to poor ranking on SERPs. The website also had poor UI/UX design, technical issues – especially with the ‘contact us’ page, and slow loading speed due to an inadequate hosting server. These challenges harmed the user experience and hindered the website’s visibility in search engine results pages.

The Solution for Business Coach

To overcome these challenges, Dr. Corrie Block reached out to a renowned SEO company in Dubai – Team Rhino Marketing Consultants. We developed a comprehensive strategy to improve the website’s ranking and user experience.

Team Rhino Marketing Consultants started with an audit of the Business Coach website content and recommended changes to make it more SEO-friendly. Being a professional SEO company in Dubai, we also helped Dr. Corrie Block to change the domain name, hosting server, and redesign the ‘contact us’ page to fix the technical issues and enhance user experience.

The first step we took included a thorough analysis of Dr. Corrie Block Famous Business coach in Dubai’s website content. The audit revealed several areas that required improvement, including the use of relevant keywords and a more user-friendly design. Based on the findings, we recommended making changes to the website’s content and design to optimize it for search engines and improve the user experience.

To ensure that the website was performing at its best, we recommended Dr. Corrie Block change the domain name and hosting server. The previous hosting server had several issues, which caused slow loading speed, leading to a poor user experience.

We suggested changing the hosting server to a more reliable provider, resulting in faster loading times, improved website performance, and a better user experience.

The ‘contact us’ page was another area that needed improvement. The previous design had poor UI/UX, making it difficult for users to contact Dr. Corrie Block. We recommended redesigning the page and to improve its functionality along with user experience.


We proved to Dr. Corrie that we are the best SEO Company in Dubai as our efforts led to significant improvements in the performance of the website. More than five keywords ranked on the first page of Google, resulting in increased traffic and brand awareness. The improved UI/UX design and faster loading speed contributed to a better user experience, resulting in more leads and conversions for Dr. Corrie Block’s leadership coaching services.

The collaboration between Dr. Corrie Block and Team Rhino Marketing Consultants resulted in significant improvements to the website’s performance. The website’s optimization for SEO and user experience led to increased traffic and improved brand awareness. Dr. Corrie Block (Business coach) website is now more accessible to users and has a higher ranking on SERPs.

About Client

  • Client: Dr. Corrie Block
  • Location: United Arab Emirates
  • Sector: Training/Consultancy
  • Scope of Work: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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