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Generated AED 600k+ Sales For An Online Abaya Brand

Client Intro

Basic Abaya is a leading Online Abaya Brand e-commerce store that offers a wide range of stylish and comfortable abayas to women in the UAE. Based in Dubai, the brand recognizes the needs of working women and students – providing the best products to meet their needs. 

Challenges for Online Abaya Brand

Things were going south for Basic Abaya when they launched their website in 2022. The brand reached out to several agencies but failed to achieve the desired results until they came across Team Rhino Marketing Consultants. We helped them in overcoming the challenges and increased their online sales by leaps and bounds. 

Solution for Online Abaya Brand

Team Rhino evaluated the situation and created a comprehensive e-commerce marketing strategy for Online Abaya Brand (Basic Abaya) after analyzing the challenges. The strategy was designed to increase online sales, average order value, returning customers, and drive business growth.

First thing first, we optimized their ad manager, and fixed the issues with pixel and the audiences they were targeting through paid media campaigns. Our team took their Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat accounts and executed the laser-targeted marketing campaigns – winning the day on their behalf.

We also helped the client with implementing the Omnisend Email Automation system on the Online Abaya Brand Shopify website and developed automated flows for abandoned cart series, welcome email, and setup pops to maximize the cart recovery, increase the email list and online sales. Through email automation, we managed to re-engage them with all the existing and new buyers and encourage them to make repeated purchases and avail discount offers.

One of the best advantages we experienced with email automation was creating a segmented audiences and sync that audience list with Fb ad manager. This practice was super helpful to optimize the campaigns and eventually it helped us to achieve the KPIs.


Team Rhino was successful in overcoming the challenges and achieving the desired results for Online Abaya Brand (Basic Abaya).  The e-commerce marketing campaign turned the tables and boosted the online sales of the brand.

Our e-commerce marketing campaign resulted in:

AED 600,000+ in sales in the first quarter of 2023 – which is 37% more than the previous quarter. 

2,200+ new order in the last 10 months 

The 15x average return on ad spend contributed significantly to the revenue growth.

Now, we are entering into the second phase and starting the full-fledged SEO activity for the client with the aim of ranking the Shopify store on the 1st page of Google on the most relevant and top search terms. 

About Client

  • Client: UAE Based Abaya Brand
  • Location: United Arab Emirates
  • Sector: Ecommerce
  • Scope of Work: Shopping Campaigns
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