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Revamped The Dana Store’s E-commerce Experience

Client Intro

The Dana Store is an Emirati brand that is inspired by local habits and lifestyle. The Dana Store offers a diverse range of products to customers in the GCC region. Despite having a Shopify website, the client faced numerous issues, including poor user experience, slow loading times, difficult CMS navigation and poor user experience. 


The Dana Store approached Team Rhino Marketing Consultants – an official Shopify Partner agency in Dubai. After conducting a comprehensive audit of both the front-end and back-end of the website, we encountered the following major issues:

  1. The Dana Store’s Shopify website had poor standard code that affected its performance, resulting in a poor user experience and slow loading times.
  2. Moreover, the mobile version of the website was not optimized and 70% of their audience was visiting their website using mobile devices, which was an alarming situation.


Team Rhino Marketing Consultants proposed a revamp of the website while retaining its original design. We rolled out a plan that included the following key factors. 

Team Rhino Marketing Consultants provided a comprehensive solution to The Dana Store’s Shopify website, which included custom Shopify website development with mobile first approach to improve the user experience.

An Arabic version of the website was developed to cater to the 95% of the target audience who primarily spoke Arabic. The team also optimized the website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase its visibility and improve search engine rankings.

Code standardization was implemented to improve the website’s performance, and website speed optimization was carried out to reduce loading times.

Installation of GA4 was done to monitor traffic, sales, and other important events to better understand customer behavior and improve website performance.

The management of Meta Ad campaigns was carried out to increase online sales and improve SEO performance. This included targeted advertising campaigns to reach the right audience and improve the website’s overall online presence across GCC.


It took only two months and the efforts of Team Rhino Marketing Consultants resulted in improved user experience and code standardization of The Dana Store’s website.

The website’s loading time was reduced – leading to faster load speed and a better browsing experience for customers.

The development of an Arabic version of the website allowed for enhanced targeting of the Arabic-speaking audience, which contributed to increased online sales.

Better SEO performance was also achieved, leading to improved visibility and higher search engine rankings. These changes helped The Dana Store achieve their goals of increased online sales and an impressive online presence.

Future Plans

With the revamped website in place, The Dana Store plans to continue collaborating with Team Rhino Marketing Consultants to further optimize their online presence and maximize sales. This partnership will focus on expanding their e-commerce reach, driving customer engagement, and continuously improving their website to stay ahead of the competition.

About Client

  • Client: E-commerce
    Store in the UAE
  • Location: United Arab Emirates
  • Sector: Retail Ecommerce
  • Scope of Work: Shopify Website Developement
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