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Shopify Store For A Premium Abaya Brand In Dubai

Client Intro

By Amal is a luxury abaya brand based in the United Arab Emirates. The brand was born from a desire to provide high-quality, unique cuts and luxury Abaya fashion to a wider market all across GCC. The brand has a strong focus on minimalism and elegance. 


When By Amal reached out to Team Rhino Consultants, they had a clear vision for their website. They wanted a custom design that would align with their brand’s style guidelines, with a strong focus on minimalism and simplicity. 

They also required a simplified user experience for mobile devices, as they anticipated that a large portion of their customers would be accessing the website via their smartphones.

Solution: New Shopify Store Development

Being a top Shopify website agency in the UAE, our team of experts accepted the challenge. We started developing a Shopify website that could match the client’s specifications. 

We started by assigning a UI/UX designer to create a custom design for the website on Adobe Photoshop, taking into account the client’s requirements for mobile responsiveness and minimalism. We engaged in a back-and-forth revision process to ensure that the design met the client’s expectations.

Once the design was finalized, we moved the project to our development team – who built the website from scratch. We also implemented a custom functionality for custom sizing on the product pages to ensure a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience for the customers.

Team Rhino Marketing Consultants also optimized the Shopify store to improve the speed and overall performance of the website.

To further enhance the customer experience, we integrated Omnisend email automation with the online store and developed email flows including abandoned cart, welcome emails, order confirmations, and other email campaigns.

The process helped By Amal in connecting with their customers and providing them with a personalized shopping experience.


The final result was a perfectly designed, responsive, and user-friendly website that met all of the client’s requirements. By Amal was thrilled with the final product and reported that the website was receiving positive feedback from their customers. 

The integration of the Omnisend email automation system for the Shopify store resulted in an increase in customer engagement – leading to an overall boost in sales.

The custom sizing feature also proved to be a hit among By Amal’s customers, as it allowed them to order abayas in their exact measurements, leading to increased customer satisfaction. 

In summary, Team Rhino Marketing Consultants proved that they are the best Shopify website agency in the UAE.

The new Shopify website of By Amal which we optimized for email automation and custom sizing, was a huge success – leading to an increase in sales and customer engagement.

About Client

  • Client: By Amal
  • Location: United Arab Emirates
  • Sector: Ecommerce
  • Scope of Work: Shopify Store Website Development
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