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Tripled The No. of Leads For A Leading Mental Health Clinic

Client Intro

Camali Clinic is a leading mental health service provider in Dubai, UAE, offering a range of psychology and psychiatry services for kids and adults. The clinic reached out to Team Rhino Marketing Consultants to improve their online presence and generate leads.

The Challenges

Camali Clinic faced several challenges, including low website traffic, low online visibility, and a lack of high-quality leads. They needed to reach their target audience and generate leads to increase revenue and grow their business, but things were not happening in their favor. 

The Solution for Mental Health Clinic

The marketing heads of Team Rhino Marketing Consultants developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to address the challenges faced by Mental Health Clinic. We strategized the digital marketing plan that included SEO Optimization, Google Ads and Web Management. 

The agency optimized the Mental Health Clinic website structure, metadata, and content to rank the website on relevant keywords – driving organic traffic and high-quality leads.

Team Rhino Marketing Consultants created targeted PPC campaigns to reach Camali Clinic’s target audience, generating high-quality leads and boosting revenue.

We also provided ongoing support for the website of Mental Health clinic, including server hosting, CMS, and front-end management, ensuring the website’s performance and functionality.


The customized digital marketing solutions implemented by Team Rhino led to the following results:

Increased Website Traffic on Mental Health Clinic website – The website saw a 420% increase in traffic, resulting in higher online visibility and search engine rankings.

Improved SEO – The website ranked on 30+ relevant keywords on the first page of Google, driving organic traffic and high-quality leads.

Increased Leads  – The targeted PPC campaigns generated 500+ high-quality leads, resulting in higher revenue and growth.

Improved Customer Engagement – The SEO optimization led to a 300% increase in organic leads, fostering customer engagement and loyalty. 

About Client

  • Client: Leading mental healthcare clinic in Dubai
  • Location: United Arab Emirates
  • Sector: Medical/Health
  • Scope of Work: Lead Generation/PPC
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