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The Power of Abandoned Cart Emails in UAE Ecommerce

Abandoned cart emails are one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of UAE ecommerce businesses. They are an essential part of email automation strategies that can help businesses recover lost sales and increase revenue.

Imagine this scenario: a customer browses your ecommerce store, adds items to their cart, but leaves without completing the purchase.

This is a common occurrence in the world of online shopping, but it doesn’t mean that the sale is lost forever. With the help of abandoned cart emails, you can entice customers to come back and complete their purchases.

Abandoned cart emails are a series of automated messages sent to customers who have abandoned their carts. The emails are designed to remind customers about the items they left behind and encourage them to complete their purchases.

They can also include personalized recommendations, special offers, and incentives to make the sale more appealing.

Email Automation Strategies and UAE Ecommerce

In the UAE ecommerce market, abandoned cart emails are particularly effective. UAE consumers are tech-savvy and spend a significant amount of time shopping online. With the right email automation strategy, businesses can tap into this market and convert lost sales into revenue.

So, what makes abandoned cart emails so powerful?

Firstly, they are timely. Abandoned cart emails are sent within hours of a customer abandoning their cart, which means that the customer is still engaged with your brand and likely to convert.

Secondly, they are personalized. By including the customer’s name, the items they left behind, and recommendations for similar products, businesses can make the email feel more relevant and personal to the customer.

Thirdly, abandoned cart emails can be used to offer incentives. These incentives can range from free shipping to discounts, depending on the business’s goals and the customer’s behavior.

By offering an incentive, businesses can increase the likelihood of a customer completing their purchase and reduce the likelihood of the customer abandoning their cart again in the future.

In addition to recovering lost sales, abandoned cart emails can also be used to gather valuable data. By analyzing customer behavior, businesses can gain insights into why customers are abandoning their carts and adjust their ecommerce strategy accordingly.

For example, if customers are abandoning their carts because of high shipping costs, businesses can consider offering free or discounted shipping to reduce the barrier to purchase.

Why They Abandoned the Cart

Cart abandonment can occur when customers encounter obstacles that hinder their overall shopping experience. These hindrances may include additional charges during the checkout process, technical issues, or the requirement to create an account.

These factors create a sense of difficulty for the customers, causing them to hesitate and potentially abandon their intended purchase. View your abandoned cart email automation strategies for boosting sales and customer retention.

How to Structure Abandoned Cart Emails

Achieving conversions relies on personalization and timeliness. To optimize your campaign, consider the following best practices:

  • Send Prompt Emails

For optimal chances of recovering a sale, it is recommended to promptly send abandoned cart emails, ideally within 24 hours of the customer leaving your website.

These emails should include a detailed list of the items present in the customer’s cart, accompanied by suggestions for other items they may find appealing.

Additionally, take advantage of this opportunity to inform customers about any special offers or discounts available, such as an exclusive coupon code for first-time buyers.

  • Personalize the Copy and Subject Line

Including personalized subject lines in emails can significantly increase the likelihood of them being opened by 26% compared to generic subject lines.

To craft an effective subject line, take into account the specific products that the customer left in their cart and tailor the subject line accordingly.

For instance, you can use engaging language such as “Don’t miss out on your new shoes” or “Finish your summer fashion with style.”

If you’re offering special discounts or incentives like free shipping, it’s crucial to mention these enticing offers directly in the subject line. For example, write something like “Complete your purchase with a 20% discount – plus, enjoy free shipping.”

Remember, personalized subject lines play a crucial role in capturing the recipient’s attention and motivating them to open your email.

  • Add Product Images

Compelling product images play a pivotal role in generating customer excitement about their potential purchases. Utilize high-quality images that effectively depict the product while showcasing its unique features.

To create a sense of urgency and evoke FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), you may also consider incorporating a “Hurry! Low stock!” label onto the image.

Remember, the aim is to captivate customers with visually appealing representations of the product, instilling a sense of anticipation and encouraging them to take immediate action.

  • Keep it Simple and Clean

Design your emails to convey a sense of urgency and motivate customers to take immediate action. Opt for a visually appealing, yet straightforward layout that aligns with your brand identity and clearly communicates the purpose of the email.

Don’t forget! Personalization is key, so tailor the email to the customer’s interests and ensure it includes a prominent call-to-action (CTA).

Here are the essential components of an effective personalized email:

  • Display the abandoned items from the customer’s cart, accompanied by relevant product images and hyperlinks directing them to the respective product pages.
  • Include a clear and compelling CTA that urges the customer to complete their purchase, guiding them towards checkout.
  • Offer additional product recommendations, leveraging phrases like “You might also like…” to suggest related items that could pique their interest.
  • Incorporate special offers, such as an exclusive discount code specifically designed for first-time buyers, to entice customers and enhance their shopping experience.
  • By incorporating these elements into your email strategy, you can enhance engagement, drive conversions, and provide customers with a personalized and compelling shopping experience.


  • Add Clear CTA

Make sure your abandoned cart email starts with a captivating headline that compels the recipient to take immediate action. Utilize a clear and direct call-to-action (CTA) such as “Complete your purchase” or “Get your order now.”

To create a sense of urgency, conclude the email with a deadline, such as “Order by midnight and enjoy a 10% discount.”

By crafting an attention-grabbing headline, providing a straightforward CTA, and incorporating a sense of urgency with a deadline, you can effectively motivate recipients to revisit their abandoned cart and finalize their purchase.

  • Add Incentives

Offering incentives is a powerful strategy to address any initial concerns that lead customers to abandon their purchase. By providing discounts and other enticing offers – customers are more likely to perceive value in their purchase, feel a sense of financial savings, and believe they are securing a unique deal not easily found elsewhere.

1. Free Shipping:

Free shipping serves as a compelling incentive by reducing the overall cost of a purchase, particularly when shipping fees act as a deterrent. It not only alleviates financial concerns but also fosters customer loyalty by showcasing a commitment to going the extra mile for online shoppers.

2. Exclusive Offers:

Incentives can play a decisive role for price-conscious consumers. Tailor personalized offers for first-time buyers or returning customers, such as exclusive coupon codes or limited-time promotions.

Integrate a countdown timer with limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency, motivating customers to take action before the opportunity expires.

3. Giveaways:

Expressing appreciation toward customers can be accomplished through giveaways. Offering a complimentary gift with purchase – particularly if it’s an exclusive item not available in stores, enhances the sense of value and customer satisfaction.

Additional effective giveaways include enticing buy-one-get-one-free deals or discounts for future purchases.

By employing these strategies, you can effectively leverage incentives to overcome barriers to purchase, attract customers seeking cost savings, build a sense of urgency, and foster customer loyalty.

Convert Abandon Cart with Email Automation 

Email automation strategies can help you regain lost customers. All the tips mentioned above can be automated. You don’t have to get them done manually. So, try to save time and convert abandoned carts with email automation. Don’t forget to follow the structure we just provided.

If you are looking for professional help, Team Rhino Marketing Consultants is at your service. We have been helping UAE Ecommerce businesses for a long time. Check out our portfolio for details. Moreover, we are an official partner of Shopify and some renowned email automation software. 

So, join hands with Team Rhino Marketing Consultants and take your business to new heights.



Apr 30, 2023

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